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How to build great company culture | brunchwork


Oct 6, 2018

Matt Rosenberg is the Chief Revenue Officer at Compass, the real estate tech unicorn. Prior to Compass, he was the CRO at Eventbrite.

What opportunities should someone early in their career seek out?

Join a high-growth company in its early stages. When a company is growing quickly and expanding into the market, there is a high degree of ownership and accountability. You have more freedom to take on risks and new challenges. There’s less focus on titles and roles because things need to get done.

To put this into perspective, it’s the difference between joining Instagram now and Instagram four years ago. Careers can be made from these opportunities.

Why should someone join Compass?

As a company, we’re growing incredibly quickly. Because of this, we provide our employees with ample opportunities to exercise ownership over their projects and career trajectory. We don’t limit what individuals can do. We can promise new challenges and meaningful work because we’re taking on an entire industry.

What qualities does Compass look for in the hiring process?

The two traits we have found to be the biggest predictors of success are self-consciousness and conscientiousness. By asking probing and non-traditional questions at each step of the hiring process, we rigorously assess candidates against these and other benchmarks. We want to be confident each hire is a culture fit.

How do you maintain a great culture as a company grows?

We have become even more focused on hiring as Compass expands. Large growth goals can be stymied by bringing on the wrong people.

My team spends about 30% of their time on hiring. This sounds like a lot, but it’s worth the investment. We can only build a great business if everyone brings integrity and is aligned behind the mission.

What is Compass’s value proposition?

We are serving a tremendous class of entrepreneurs by building a platform for real estate agents to run and grow their business. Through powerful technology and marketing support, we are enabling agents to become more efficient and spend more time with clients.

What sets Compass apart in the real estate industry?

We constantly seek feedback from our real estate agents. Any early stage company must spend an enormous amount of time with customers in order to succeed. By soliciting feedback all the time, we are building a product that will transform the businesses and lives of those using it.

This interview was conducted by Adriel Lubarsky and condensed by Katherine Emley.