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VentureFizz Launches in NYC | brunchwork


Sep 27, 2018

Keith Cline is the founder of VentureFizz




What is VentureFizz and what inspired you to start it?

VentureFizz is the most trusted source for tech and startup jobs, news, and insights. We are community builders with a focus on providing our readers with access to career-defining job opportunities and an inside look at the hottest companies in the NYC and Boston tech scenes through our popular Job Board and BIZZpages.

I ran my own search firm for 15 years helping venture-backed companies hire executives in product management and marketing. As a student of the market, I kept tabs on interesting events, who was hiring, and what companies were raising capital.

I would share this information with people to add value back to the conversation, when it dawned on me that the information would be a lot more valuable and useful if it was on a website. Thus… VentureFizz was born in 2009 as a side project.

Tell us about VentureFizz’s expansion into NYC.

We are really excited to expand our site and coverage to NYC!

We already have several BIZZpages for everyone to explore, plus lots of great job opportunities in NYC.

There is so much going on in the local tech scene, and since we expanded to NYC in June, we have really enjoyed telling the stories of the great people who are building amazing companies.

Plus, we are excited to expand our The VentureFizz Podcast to NYC! We’ve already published interviews with Graham Brown (Partner at Lerer Hippeau), Alex Douzet (Co-Founder & CEO of Ollie), and Mike Cardamone (Managing Director & General Partner at Acceleprise).

What’s the best advice you have for someone who is transitioning careers?

First and foremost… go for it! Don’t put your career on hold.

If you are transitioning into a job that is completely unrelated to your experience, there are multiple paths on how to get to your ideal state. My biggest recommendation is to seek out people who are in that current role and approach them for advice.

And (of course)… you should use VentureFizz as your guide in terms of finding jobs, exploring companies, and reading about the companies and people in your local tech ecosystem.

Our Career Path series will give you an inside look at how people went from point A to point B in their careers.

How can someone break into tech specifically?

I would start to attend as many high-quality events as possible, as you’ll want to build up your network. You’ll want to attend events, like brunchwork, where you can meet like-minded people and network with their influential speakers. You can also seek out events that are targeted towards the job function that you are interested in pursuing.

It can also be helpful to retool your skills by attending a program from General Assembly, Flatiron School, and others.

How can the brunchwork community get involved with VentureFizz?

Visit VentureFizz by going to our site:

If you are interested in just NYC content, you can go here:

Explore our Job Board for job opportunities and get an inside look at some of the fastest growing companies by visiting our BIZZpages.

You can also stay connected through any of our three different email newsletters by signing up here:

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